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Fanny Ek - Founder and designer of IOAKU

Fanny Ek - Founder and designer of IOAKU





The jewellery and accessory designs created by Fanny are hard to miss, they create emotion and contrasts in your every day life, with symbolic, multifunctional and timeless features.

She is creative and has a big passion for art in all it’s forms. Fanny Ek, has always been passionate to create, especially within fashion. The love for design started a long time ago at the Swedish School ”Tillskärarakademin”.  After five years of higher education, Fanny graduated from London at the famous and well recognized fashion school of Instituto Marangoni, as the CUM LAUDE of class 2009, the start to a life long dream of working as a fashion designer was began.
The dream of creating IOAKU ….


It was important that the name ”IOAKU” was going to have a symbolic meaning. Fanny puts a lot of love into her designs and dreams of everybody that wants to wear her design. The symbolism should therefore became a combination of love and her work. The love was therefore decided to come from a written saying almost everybody knows about. If you think of when you wanted to tell someone that you liked them when you were young, it was often written like this: I  ♥ U which is another way of writing I Love You. Her hard work got to be represented by her last name, Ek.  Ek in Swedish means Oak in English. As a result, was the final och famous name that we know it by today.



"Do you want to create an illusion that you are taller? Then you can use long necklaces. We even recommend staking different necklaces to create a personal touche. Do you want to be the highlight at the party tonight? Use big statement pieces of big size. Do you want to have a unique look? Dress with the classic black look and a cocktail ring or unique earrings. Or why not create a look that tells something about you with words or symbols? You are important!" - Says Fanny 

One thing that is for certain is that at IOAKU, you can find jewellery and accessories for women or men that likes something different and that little extra detail that makes the whole difference in an outfit. All IOAKU products has the logo on it, formed like an oak leaf.
”All our customers wants to be different and express an unique style. You get a lot of this in IOAKU and the price is unbeatable, you get a lot for your money, when it comes to both design and quality. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman or man that likes to give a voice to your outfit  and has the courage to be seen”
- Says Fanny

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