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IOAKU By Fanny Ek

Thank you very much for choosing to shop with us!

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Online ordering

Information about or making changes to your order

Thank you so much for your order and for giving us the honor of sending you our specially designed jewelry!

  • Do you want information about your order status?

Open our online chat and select the option: Track my order and our IOAKU team bot will give you direct information from our system.

  • Do you want to change your order?

Contact us via email or online chat. Provide the following information when contacting:

  1. full name
  2. Order/Receipt number
  3. Desire & reason for change
Pre-order, what does it mean?

All our jewelry is handmade and created with love. We can therefore sometimes offer and special produce a product for you so you can be sure that you will get the product you are looking for. We do not offer compensation for the waiting time because it takes time to produce a brand new product, so when you buy a pre-order item, you as a customer agree to our terms of extended delivery time. However, a pre-order is not binding as you can easily ask to cancel the order at any time until we have sent the delivery to you and get a refund if you have regretted it.

He who waits for something good never waits too long :)

Read more about pre-ordering IOAKU products .

Where does my delivery go?

If you have not received your order within 3-5 working days, it may be due to the following:

  1. If it is high season , the delivery time may be longer - up to 10 days. Examples of high season are Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Student, New launch of collection & products.
  2. You have placed a pre-order with a longer delivery time. Always double check the product on the website and your order confirmation for clarity. If it says PRE-ORDER on the button when you order a product, it is always a pre-order. Read more about pre-orders and right of withdrawal here: Pre-order
  3. An error has occurred with third parties such as Postnord/DHL/UPS. You then need to contact us about this within a reasonable time frame. Contact us via email or online chat with the following information:
  • full name
  • Order/Receipt number

In this case, IOAKU handles the case further to see what has happened and informs you of the next step.

Here's how to make a switch

Many thanks for your order via IOAKU.COM. We understand that it is human to regret looking after a purchase.

You always have the right to make an exchange within 30 days. Both online & in store.

Keep in mind that:

  • As a customer, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  • IOAKU pays the shipping back to you.

In order for you to make a change, you must inform us of the following via email or our online chat.

  1. Write heading - WANT EXCHANGE - Full name & Order/Receipt number
  2. Which product do you want to exchange?
  3. Which product do you wish to switch to?

ALWAYS follow the instructions above before a change. If you have more questions, you are most welcome to contact Team IOAKU and we will help you!

How to make a return

Do you have the right to make a return for a refund?

  • When ordering online, you have the right to make a return within 14 days of receiving the product and be entitled to a refund.

ATTENTION! Returns that are desired to be made or sent after 14 days will be handled as an exchange for a credit receipt.

  • In the case of a physical purchase in a store, the right of return applies according to the information on the receipt.

How to make a return:

We get it, it's human to regret. When ordering online, open purchase applies for 14 days and right of exchange for 30 days. When buying custom-made products, the right of withdrawal, open purchase or exchange does NOT apply.

Do this:

  1. Read our return policy
  2. Fill in the return policy form - As a customer, you are responsible for filling in our return form, which you can find here: IOAKU Return policy form
  3. Send the return to us (See address below)
  4. Do you have a question? Contact our customer service.

Send your return to / Return address:

IOAKU AB To: Ida Fredriksson

Kungsgårdsvägen 2, 234 56 Alnarp

Mobile number: 0727088508


You can return your return in 2 ways :

  1. As a customer, you are always responsible for your return being sent and arriving at us within the 14-day right of withdrawal. You as a customer are ALWAYS responsible for the cost of return shipping yourself.
  2. We ALWAYS offer free returns in our store in Sturegalleria, in Stockholm within the 14-day right of withdrawal.

Things to consider in order to receive an approved return:

  • The return policy form must be submitted before you send your package to us or drop it off physically in our store.
  • The return policy form and the return must have been sent or submitted to us within the 14-day right of withdrawal period under the Distance Shopping Act.
  • A return must be sent back in the same way you received it!
  • The product must still have its seal/product label on!
  • The product must be unused!

ATTENTION! If the return returns to our warehouse in a way that is contrary to these requirements, your return will ALWAYS be handled as an exchange for a credit receipt.

ALWAYS follow the instructions above for a return. If you have more questions, you are most welcome to contact Team IOAKU and we will help you!

This is how you make a complaint
  1. Read our complaints policy

If you think you have a product that counts as a complaint, you first need to read our Complaints Policy to determine if this applies to your product.

Here: Product complaint

2. If you have a complaint - Send an email to our customer service via email or via the online chat.

If you have established that your product counts as a complaint and not a fault caused by you, you need to follow these steps before sending us an email:

  • Write title in the email: COMPLAINT - Your name & receipt number
  • Describe clearly what has happened
  • Take clear pictures of the complaint
  • You must send a receipt in order for us to process your complaint. ATTENTION! Without a receipt, it is not possible to make a complaint.

IOAKU is responsible for the cost of complaints & delivery

3. If you do not qualify for a complaint but wish to repair your product - Send an email to our customer service via email or via the online chat.

  • Write title in the email: REPAIR - Your name & receipt number
  • Describe clearly what has happened
  • Take clear pictures of the product
  • You should send a receipt so that we can handle your repair. ATTENTION! Repairs can be made without a receipt.

You as the customer are responsible for the cost of repair & delivery

My discount code is not working, what do I do?

As a new member, you can receive a welcome code when you sign up for our newsletter to use on your first purchase - this discount code applies to everything except our unique collaborations & matching collections.

From time to time we have collaborations with Influencers, their codes may apply to all or parts of our range, always double check with our fantastic customer service if you are unsure.

If something should not work despite the above, feel free to send us a message in our online chat, contact form or via email and we will help you!

Contact our customer service

1. Visit our store & get personal service

The best thing we know is to meet you!

Here are our opening hours for the IOAKU Flagship Store, in Sturegallerian, Stockholm.

Monday - Friday: 10.00-19.00
Saturday: 10.00-17.00
Sunday: 12.00-17.00

Please be aware that different opening hours may occur on public holidays. Here you will find sturegallerians: Deviating opening hours

In that case, contact us via email instead.

Address : Grev Turegatan 9A, 11446 Stockholm

How to find us: Our beautiful shop is located directly opposite Tures Bar with a wonderful arched entrance. You can't miss it!

2. Contact form

You will find our contact forms further down on this "Contact Us" page. We usually respond within 24 hours.

3. Write in our Online Chat

We are available for faster service via our online chat during specific times as below:

Monday - Friday: 10.00-17.00
Saturday: 10.00-16.00
Sunday: 12.00-16.00

If we do not respond immediately, please wait and you will usually receive a response shortly.

4. Email us

We usually respond to your email within 24 hours. Contact us via email addresses below:

Customer Service -

Information, B2B & other matters -

5. Call us

We also have a phone in the store that you can call during our opening hours.


On the other hand, we only respond in time because we prioritize all our customers who come to the store daily.

If we miss your call, get in touch via our online chat, contact form or email.

our products

IOAKU Care advice

What material does IOAKU use in its jewellery?

All IOAKU's products are either fundamentally created from brass or surgical steel. They are then alloyed in 100% real metal of 18K Gold or Sterling Silver.

Is your jewelry losing its metallic color?

Our jewelry can lose color with irresponsible and careless use because it is bijouterie jewelry. All our jewelery has 5 layers of real metals and is therefore very durable. However, jewelery tends to be sensitive to chemicals, liquid liquids with strong substances or irresponsible handling. Hence, they have a lifespan that is entirely dependent on their owner and how well you take care of your jewelry.

My jewelery has broken, what do I do?

Unfortunately, it can always happen that a product that is handmade breaks. Handmade products are fragile and care must be taken with all IOAKU products to ensure that they are not damaged during use. Here you can read more about repairs and complaints .


Do you want a collaboration with IOAKU?

We are always looking for people who really love IOAKU and can share our fantastically glamorous world with us.

We only work with people who believe in us and in whom we believe in order to have a successful collaboration.

Here's how to do it if you want to contact us for a collaboration:

  1. Contact us via email
  2. Write a presentation about yourself and your channels. Also add links to the channels you present.
  3. Tell us why you want to work with IOAKU and what you can bring to a collaboration
  4. Send all this information in an email to

We are very grateful to everyone who gets in touch and our staff who are responsible for collaborations will get back to you as soon as we have made an assessment regarding the possibility of collaboration.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Still have a question? For other matters, you can write here via our contact form

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Fanny Ek



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Launch day

We celebrated our first step in the FASHION world by selling our very first product - THE TIMELESS DRAGONFLY NECKLACE!

IOAKU by Fanny Ek

APRIL 2019

Introduced our flagship store in Stockholm

Our journey to success was defined by our products in multi brand stores up to this point. After having a warehouse in the middle of Stockholm the need for a store became a fact. This move to open a flagship store in the most iconic gallery in Stockholm has shaped us into the industry leader we are today.



Launched our partner program

You're what makes us great. With the exciting launch of our partner program you have the power to design products together with Fanny Ek herself!